Becoming Who I Am

Why I want to be a medical doctor?

I don’t know. Could it be the salary? Could it be the respect received in such a prestige medical profession? Of course, all can have a contributing factor. I am just tired of not knowing what I really want to do with myself and dissatisfied with a full-time position with mundane zero challenges. I want to be presented with a problem worth solving, a problem that once solved can actually significantly benefit an individual. But every time I pursue a passionate ambitious goal, I lose the drive and crash to stagnation. Could it be the lack of confidence in oneself creating a slippery downward slope of focus? Maybe I cut myself short to prevent an outcome of failures, but isn’t giving up a failure in itself. I just hope that a self-reflection reveals an intelligent compassionate being disciplined for altruistic purpose. Life flies by in a blink of an eye that if I lose sight of who I am, who I am becomes determined by those who have successfully become who they are.


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